Best plot twist

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"you dont look gay though"
SHIT did I forget my rainbow at home AGAIN

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So my 13 y/o brother is on Xbox Live with his friends in the other room and the past 20 minutes I’ve heard him say

  • Dude why do you use gay as an insult?
  • You guys are fucking sexist, this is why I’m the only one of us who has a girlfriend
  • Wow that wasn’t racist or anything
  • No seriously gay does not mean stupid
  • BOOMSHOT!!!!!!!!!!



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Pictures from the funral of Enas Khalil , 5 years old . 

A Jewish settler deliberately ran over two Palestinian children near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank as they were coming back home from school . The settler fled the scene after the incident.

In September 29, an Israeli settler ran over and injured 6-year-old young Palestinian girl Islam Basim al-Amour in al-Dairat area south of Hebron.

On August 7, an 8-year old Palestinian girl was also run over by Israeli settlers near Hebron and moderately injured.

A week after that incident, on August 14, a 23-year-old Palestinian man was run over and killed by a settler car in the central West Bank.

In all incidents, witnesses and residents said they believed Israeli settlers deliberately hit Palestinians.

Back in 2013, an Israeli settler ran over a seven-year-old boy with his car as he walked to school in the West Bank town of Abu Dis.

Hate crimes by Israelis against Palestinians, referred to as “price tag” attacks, are common in the West Bank, and are rarely investigated or prosecuted by Israel.

About 550,000 Zionist settlers live in settlements across the West Bank and East Jerusalem on lands largely confiscated from local Palestinian communities.

All settlements in occupied territory are deemed illegal under international law.

(Ma’an, Al-Akhbar)

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she’s beauty


and she’s grace


she’s miss united states


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can we discuss this

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Saw a guy protesting winter

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Ever wondered what became of Little Boo, the faithful pup of Orange Is The New Black’s ‘Big Boo’? Apart from being a lovely (and very cute) addition to the show, she was also the face of the thousands of dogs who are currently in training behind prison bars. They provide inmates with the opportunity to raise, train and care for them in preparation for a career as a service dogs for wounded war veterans, explosive detection dogs for law enforcement, or simply as canine companions for families across the country.

Puppies Behind Bars is an organisation where prison inmates play a vital role in their service dog training programme. The dogs receive 24-hour-a-day attention from their inmate puppy-raisers, from the age of eight weeks until they leave the system at 12-24 months old. Approximately 75% of dogs go on to lead successful working lives, and the same could be said for their trainers, many of whom go on to find jobs in dog training, grooming, and related fields after they are paroled.

As one inmate said, "It just makes you feel alive because you’re finally doing something with your time. You’re doing something that’s beyond people’s imaginations. I feel like I’m giving something back. And (my dog) was my gift."

Check out http://www.puppiesbehindbars.com/home for more information.

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When you blink faster than the shutter camera.

nah this is some paranormal activity shit someone please tell this child and his family to move out immediately

oh my god creepy

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